Wallpaper Removal & Installation

We are committed to delivering professional wallpaper services to customers in both residential and commercial properties.

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Wallpaper Removal



If you need to install or remove wallpapers, don’t stress. Our experts are adept at the installation and removal process without damaging the surface beneath.

We specialise in removing all types of wallpapers, such as foil wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, paper-backed wallpaper, fabric-backed wallpaper, and more. Knowing the exact size and type of papers needed for your walls can be challenging. Our specialists can visit your home to assess the room and help determine the best paper type for your space.

We professionally install wallpaper to various buildings, such as offices, homes, restaurants, apartments, high-rises, and more. By using the latest application technology we are able to deliver flawless results every time. If you want someone to remove or install wallpaper at your home, contact us at any time. We are happy to supply you with a free quote or to book a time for an inspection.

We are aware of the weather conditions in the Bundaberg area and how that affects interior surfaces, so we always test our products to ensure that you get a durable finish. 

Sometimes, removing or installing wallpapers on a commercial building can be challenging. At Pro Painters Bundaberg, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced contractors who can install and remove wallpapers with ease. If the surface beneath the old wallpapers is damaged, we can repair it before painting or applying new material.

We have great relationships with local suppliers and can provide you with essential information regarding your options, pricing, and availability. We understand the market, and can help you find affordable solutions. If you already have your wallpaper, we are ready to install it for you. Once the adhesive side of the wallpaper is attached to the surface beneath it is not recommended to remove it and re-apply it. For this reason it’s essential to get the layout right the first time. This is where our professionals come in handy. For any kind of wallpaper services or related questions, please contact us anytime for assistance.